Invest in girls of color, Equip and educate them with the tools for success

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We are fundraising to support our girls

Girls of color are the most powerful and untapped forces on the planet! Investing in girls is an investment in our communities! We need to reimagine a world where children are supported with communities of individuals with their best interests at heart. A community filled with people who aren't "too busy" to take time to guide and shape girls who haven't arrived.

Leading Ladies of Legacy provides mentoring programs and safe spaces for girls to learn, grow, restore and build the confidence, character, and commitment needed for success in everyday life. Academics alone won't cut it. Our girls need a distinction and they need positive people to know the difference their difference makes!

With your support we can reach more girls this calendar year and provide the curriculum, materials, and transportation to thriving environments that will push our girls to prosper.

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